Sentence Examples with the word run into

Hauran and the Moabite hills to Horeb and the Midianite Mountains of the Hebrews, which run into Arabia.

Lizards that recent representatives of the two great groups seem to run into each other.

On the rivers which run into the Cameroon estuary small steam launches ply.

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The whole mass is now run into the filters, which are always constructed on the vacuum principle.

Yet we need not run into the opposite extreme, and try to fancy that Machiavelli, who had professed Paganism in his life, proved himself a believing Christian on his deathbed.

As these do not come out sufficiently pure, they would not be marketable and therefore they are not allowed to be formed, but the liquid, while still hot, is either run into the boiling-down pans, or submitted to one of the purifying operations to be described below.

As the down and up strokes run into each other, and the convex surface of the wing is always directed upwards and the concave surface downwards, it follows that the upper surface of the wing evades in a great measure the upper air, while the under surface seizes the nether air.

The liquid is run into the iodine still and gently warmed, manganese dioxide in small quantities being added from time to time, when the iodine distils over and is collected.

After this treatment, the mixture is run into lead-lined vats and treated with sulphuric acid, steam is blown through the mixture in order to bring it to the boil, and the anthracene is rapidly oxidized to anthraquinone.

Anxious never, ever to run into Talon or his men again, she left the garage and drove through the streets.