Sentence Examples with the word run across

Kufic inscriptions run across the fronts under the entablature.

It wasn't the first time she had done so, but this morning she had run across some curtains and rugs in the attic.

Ice-breaking car ferries run across the lake all winter.

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Worse, they'd never run across this type of issue in all their years.

He'd massacred every human she'd run across to date.

Whilst the Little Karroo is divided by a chain of hills which run across it from east to west, and varies in altitude from 1000 to 2000 ft., the Great Karroo has more the aspect of a vast plain and has a level of from 2000 to 3000 ft.

Shen-si is divided into two parts by a barrier of mountains, consisting of the Fu-niu Shan and the Tsingling Shan, which attain elevations of over I i,000 ft., and run across the southern portion of the province from east to west.

Before yet any woodchuck or squirrel had run across the road, or the sun had got above the shrub oaks, while all the dew was on, though the farmers warned me against it--I would advise you to do all your work if possible while the dew is on--I began to level the ranks of haughty weeds in my bean-field and throw dust upon their heads.

This gable is tilted eastwards, and its two long slopes are defined by bordering mountain chains which run across its medial ridge; the main Syrian streams are those which follow those slopes between the 'chains, thus running either north or south for most of their courses, and only finding their way to the western sea by making sharp elbows at the last.