Sentence Examples with the word rum

These intrusive masses now tower into conspicuous groups of hills - the Cuillins in Skye, the mountains of Rum and Mull, and the rugged heights of Ardnamurchan.

The exports consist principally of sugar, cotton, and rum (aguardiente).

The bottle of rum was brought.

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Sugar, rum and molasses are exported, and corn, yams, coffee and fruit are grown.

On the other hand, he approves of a protective tax on German linen in favour of home manufactures, and of a tax on brandy as encouraging the sale of rum and so supporting our southern colonies.

Provisions taken to Newfoundland, poor fish to the West Indies, molasses to New England, rum to Africa and good cod to France and Spain, were the commonest ventures of foreign trade.

Dolokhov, the bottle of rum still in his hand, jumped onto the window sill.

The Abaco and Exuma groups and Long Island each support populations exceeding 3000, and there are smaller populations on Grand Bahama, the Crooked Islands, Inagua, Mayaguana, Watling, Rum Cay and the Biminis, though these last, which are two very small north-western islands, are relatively densely populated with 545 persons.

The manufacturing industries of Peru are confined chiefly to the treatment of agricultural and mineral products - the manufacture of sugar and rum from sugar cane, textiles from cotton and wool, wine and spirits from grapes, cigars and cigarettes from tobacco, chocolate from cacao, kerosene and benzine from crude petroleum, cocaine from coca, and refined metals from their ores.

There are many large warehouses, rum distilleries, sugar-mills and railway machine-shops.