Sentence Examples with the word ruhr

An active trade is promoted by several trunk lines of railway which cross the province (total mileage in 1906, 1889 m., exclusive of light railways) and by the navigation of the Weser (on which Minden has a port), Ems, Ruhr and Lippe.

Of the numerous tributaries which join the Rhine within the province, the most important are the Nahe, the Mosel and the Ahr on the left bank, and the Sieg, the Wupper, the Ruhr and the Lippe on the right.

He was the son of Hugo Stinnes, and grandson of Matthias Stinnes, who was the founder of a firm in no great way of business at Miilheim in the Ruhr district.

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Two main lines of railway traverse the valley; that on the south is the main line from Aix-la-Chapelle, Cologne and Dusseldorf to central Germany and Berlin, that on the north feeds the important towns of the Ruhr valley.

From this place the Ruhr canal connects it with Duisburg.

As in the south of England, the lower beds of the Cretaceous are of estuarine origin and the Upper Cretaceous overlaps the Lower, lying in the valley of the Ruhr directly upon the Palaeozoic rocks.