Sentence Examples with the word royalism

The so-called Independents, such as Barras and Merlin of Douai, who were all Jacobins, but had stood aloof from the internal conflicts of the party, hated Royalism as much as ever and desired the continuance of the war which was essential to their power.

It is intelligible that Locke (Treatises of Civil Government) should have a relish in quoting Hooker against the divineright royalism of Sir John Filmer; but in Locke there is already 1 Recorded in J.

For the present their means were very scanty, and, as the ardent royalism of his brother officers limited his social circle, he plunged into work with the same ardour as before, frequently studying fourteen or fifteen hours a day.

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He was an eloquent speaker, and master of many subjects; and his proved royalism made it impossible for the ultra-Royalists to discredit him, much as they resented his consistent opposition to their short-sighted violence.

The king and the monarchy being now destroyed in England, Cromwell had next to turn his attention to the suppression of Cromwell royalism in Ireland and in Scotland.

As was natural, when he sought to steer a middle course between the Scylla of royalism and the Charybdis of Jacobinism, disturbances were to be expected on both sides of the consular ship of state.