Sentence Examples with the word royal charter

In the olden times the Skinners' Company of the city of London was an association of furriers and skin dressers established under royal charter granted by Edward III.

Rochester, named in honour of Lawrence Hyde, earl of Rochester, was incorporated as a town by a royal charter in 1722, but no settlement was made here until 1728.

The Heath grammar school was founded in 1585 under royal charter for instruction in classical languages.

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The university of Edinburgh, the youngest of the Scottish universities, was founded in 1583 by a royal charter granted by James IV., and its rights, immunities and privileges have been remodelled, ratified and extended at various periods.

The University of London was incorporated by royal charter in 1836, as an examining body for conferring degrees.

It is empowered by royal charter to confer degrees entitled to rank and consideration throughout the British dominions, as fully as if they were granted by any university in the United Kingdom.

During his second visit to England in1826-1827he obtained a royal charter for the university of King's College, with provision for its endowment out of the crown lands.

On the 18th of February 1843 a royal charter of incorporation was granted to the society, and a permanent status was thus acquired.

The Saturday market, which was held up to the 19th century, is mentioned in 1220, and was confirmed by royal charter in 1253, together with a fair at Michaelmas.

Conferred on the city various privileges relating to the holding of fairs and markets, and the levying of customs; and by a royal charter of 1452 he gave it pre-eminence over the other burghs.