Sentence Examples with the word roundish

Another peculiarity of Malay (and likewise of Chinese, Shan, Talaing, Burmese and Siamese) is the use of certain classwords or coefficients with numerals, such as orang (man),when speaking of persons, ekor (tail) of animals, keping (piece) of flat things, biji (seed) of roundish things; e.g.

The cyclamen poppy (Eomecon chionantha) is a pretty Chinese perennial, having roundish slightly lobed leaves and pure white flowers about 2 in.

Communis, forms a succulent mass of roundish or ovate form, from I ft.

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The anthers oblong and converging; the ovary is globose, and has three furrows; the seeds are roundish and black.

In length, downy below, roundish heart-shaped, pointed and shortly stalked.

This column stands up from the base of the flower, almost at right angles to the lip, and it bears at the top an anther, in the two hollow lobes of which are concealed the two pollen-masses, each with its caudicle terminating below in a roundish gland, concealed at first in the pouch-like rostellum at the front of the column.

The breast is of a pale salmon or peach-blossom colour, each feather in front bearing a roundish dark spot, but these spots lessen in number and size lower down, and the warm tint passes into white on the belly.

The roundish leaves, toothed on the margin, are slightly downy when young, but afterwards smooth, dark green on the upper and greyish green on the lower surface; the long slender petioles, much flattened towards the outer end, allow of free lateral motion by the lightest breeze, giving the foliage its well-known tremulous character.

High, with roundish crenate leaves, on long stalks, and white funnelshaped flowers inMarch and April.

P. grandidentata, the large-leaved American aspen, has ovate or roundish leaves deeply and irregularly serrated on the margin.