Sentence Examples with the word roughened

Effected by the pulley drawing in or letting out a part of the band or rope which has been roughened or in which a knot has been tied.

The perfect bow of her mouth appeared red, roughened and plump from kisses.

She pressed the front of her body against the building, dug her fingertips into indents in the stone, and slid her foot along the roughened ledge to the right, stepping slowly and forcing her head up.

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Prior has introduced an ingenious method of making small oblong and square sheets of coloured glass, which are thick in the centre and taper towards the edges, and which have one surface slightly roughened and one brilliantly polished.

John Canton (1718-1772) made the important contribution to knowledge that electricity of either sign could be produced on nearly any body by friction with appropriate substances, and that a rod of glass roughened on one half was excited negatively in the rough part and positively in the smooth part by friction with the same rubber.

The surfaces of the cylinders are roughened with a sand blast to increase the areas and make the deposited metals adhere more firmly.

The roughened inner surface and the adhering particles of sand may also be accounted for.

His jaw was roughened from a five o'clock shadow.

He cupped one cheek with his roughened hand and rubbed away a tear with his thumb.