Sentence Examples with the word rot

This Moslem chief had made himself master of Sardinia, and was driven thence by the allied fleets in rot 5.

I inferred that the infinite number of minute bubbles which I had first seen against the under surface of the ice were now frozen in likewise, and that each, in its degree, had operated like a burning-glass on the ice beneath to melt and rot it.

Bacteriosis.Many of the plant diseases involving rot have been ascribed to the action of bacteria, and in some casese.g.

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Mahomet's mission was Rot to Europeans, but to a people who, though quick-witted and receptive, were not accustomed to logical thinking, while they had outgrown their ancient religion.

At some point a buyer will come to town, offer a low price, and the farmer will be compelled to sell because the risk of not selling is too high; he may not get another offer and the crop might rot for poor storage.

It is no longer legal for people to be secretly arrested, not charged, and left to rot in jail.

But Death plucked down some virtuous elder brother, on whose whistling daily toil solely hung the responsibilities of some other family, and left the worse than useless old man standing, till the hideous rot of life should make him easier to harvest.

It is only by actual contact that wet rot affects the surrounding good wood, and if the decayed timber is cut out the remainder of the wood will be found to be unaffected.

Rains and spray had damped it; sun and wind had warped it; all the elements had combined to rot a thing that hung so idly.

Enormous quantities of natural hay were allowed every year to rot or be destroyed by bush fires, and the bountiful provision made by nature to carry them over the seasons of dry weather absolutely neglected; so that when the destructive season of 1902 fell upon them, over a large area of territory there was no food for the stock.