Sentence Examples with the word rostrum

Within the groove of the rostrum two pairs of slender piercers - often barbed at the tip - work to and fro.

Usually the sides of the carapace are strangely produced into a mock rostrum in front of the ocular lobe, be it oculiferous or not.

A, Rostrum or hypostome; b, b, Palpi; c, Genital aperture; d, Anal orifice; e, e, Ventral surface of capitulum; g, Sternum; 1 -7, segments of leg.

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In front of the rostrum and the piercers lies the pointed flexible labrum and within its base a small hypopharynx (fig.

The vomer is broad, abruptly truncated in front, and deeply cleft behind, so as to embrace the rostrum of the sphenoid; the palatals have produced postero-external angles; the maxillo-palatals are slender at their origin, and extend obliquely inwards and forwards over the palatals, ending beneath the vomer in expanded extremities, not united either with one another or with the vomer, nor does the latter unite with the nasal septum, though that is frequently ossified.

Long, slightly flattened and with the rostrum or beak, in front of the carapace, very short.

Neither male nor female has wings; the rostrum is replaced by a functionless tubercle; and there is no alimentary canal.

Heteroptera: Rostrum not in contact with haunches of fore-legs.

Homoptera: Rostrum in contact with haunches of fore-legs.

Taking as our type the head of a cicad, we find a jointed rostrum or beak (figs.