Sentence Examples with the word rosette

It is a herb with a rosette of fleshy, oblong leaves, i to 3 in.

Dioecious; flowers in the form of cones, except the female flowers of Cycas, which consist of a rosette of leaf-like carpels at the apex of the stem.

If a favourable change in the surrounding medium sets in, the Trypanosomes are able to undergo the reverse process, namely disagglomeration; the parasites liberate themselves and the rosette is dissolved.

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The gall of Cecidomyia strobilina, formed from willow-buds, is mainly a rosette of leaves the stalks of which have had their growth arrested.

Pharynx suctorial; no radula; branchial rosette on the dorsal surface, above the mantle-border.

The chief difference is that in the latter no parentindividual is distinguishable, a rosette of many equal daughterparasites being formed.

This change is called phyllody of bracts, and is seen in species of Plantago, especially in the variety of Plantago media, called the rose-plantain in gardens, where the bracts become leafy and form a rosette round the flowering axis.

The ground colour of the jaguar varies greatly, ranging from white to black, the rosette markings in the extremes being but faintly visible.

The plants are apparently stemless, bearing a rosette of large, thick, fleshy leaves, or have a shorter or longer (sometimes branched) stem, along which, or towards the end of which and its branches, the generally fleshy leaves are borne.

It appears to conform more or less to the radial or rosette type of multiplication, enlarged rounded parasites, with a varying number of nuclei (up to about eight) uniformly arranged near the periphery, having been often noticed (fig.