Sentence Examples with the word rose-red

Its pure white or rose-red blossoms, heralding the first approach of genial weather, are regarded with special favor and are accounted the symbol of unassuming hardihood.

By the addition of excess of ammonia to a cobalt chloride solution in absence of air, a greenishblue precipitate is obtained which, on heating, dissolves in the solution, giving a rose-red liquid.

The insoluble salts are rose-red or violet in colour.

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The 'alkaline solutions are of a rose-red colour and show a cinnabar-red fluorescence.

Fine yellow fluor-spar occurs in some of the Saxon mines, and beautiful rose-red octahedra are found in the Alps, near Goschenen.

Cobalt fluoride, CoF 2.2H 2 0, is formed when cobalt carbonate is evaporated with an excess of aqueous hydrofluoric acid, separating in rose-red crystalline crusts.

The hydrated chloride, MnCl2.4H2O, is obtained in rose-red crystals by dissolving the metal or its carbonate in aqueous hydrochloric acid and concentrating the solution.

The hydrated salt forms rose-red prisms, readily soluble in water to a red solution, and in alcohol to a blue solution.

It separates in the form of small rose-red crystals, which decompose on boiling with water.