Sentence Examples with the word roman church

He died at Candes in the year 400, and is commemorated by the Roman Church on the 11th of November (duplex).

Instead of the simplicity of Luther's earlier writings, a dogmatic theology was formed, and a Protestant ecclesiasticism established, indistinguishable from the Roman Church in principle.

By the 13th century, with the final development of the ritual of the Mass, the chasuble became definitely fixed as the vestment of the celebrating priest; though to this day in the Roman Church relics of the earlier general use of the chasuble survive in the planeta plicata worn by deacons and subdeacons in Lent and Advent, and other penitential seasons.

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The first class hold (1) that oaths are forbidden by the gospel, (2) that capital punishment is not allowed to the civil power, (3) that any layman may consecrate the sacrament of the altar, and (4) that the Roman Church is not the Church of Christ.

It is worthy of note that the Roman Church finds support in this book for its teaching with 1 See especially Geiger, Urschrift and Uebersetzungen der Bibel, 206 seq.

As they themselves explained it, the Roman Church between the synagogue and the Greek Church, as, Christ crucified between two thieves.

The fact is that the Montanists represented the conservatism of their day, and even now the Roman Church admits the right of laymen to baptize when a priest cannot be had.

The Roman Church forbids ordination to higher grades unless the candidate has received all the inferior orders.

With this organization, under the popes Zosimus, Boniface and Celestine the Roman Church came into conflict on somewhat trivial grounds, and was, on the whole, being worsted in the struggle, when the Vandal invasion of Africa took place, and for nearly a century to come the Catholic communities were subjected to very hard treatment.

The Roman Church anathematized, in the council of Trent, all the distinctive doctrines of the Protestant Reformation.