Sentence Examples with the word rolled

I reached under the seat for the gun as I rolled down the window.

Such sheet or wire then remains flexible after cooling, the originally only loosely cohering crystals having got intertwisted and forced into absolute contact with one another - an explanation supported by the fact that rolled zinc has a somewhat higher specific gravity (7.2) than the original ingot (6.9).

Rhyn made no moves on her, simply rolled to tuck her against his warm body.

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Gerry pushed off from the table and rolled to one computer.

I didn't know what to think when that police car rolled up with its lights blazing.

Now when these poor sun-burnt mariners, bare-footed, and with their trowsers rolled high up on their eely legs, had wearily hauled their fat fish high and dry, promising themselves a good L150 from the precious oil and bone; and in fantasy sipping rare tea with their wives, and good ale with their cronies, upon the strength of their respective shares; up steps a very learned and most Christian and charitable gentleman, with a copy of Blackstone under his arm; and laying it upon the whale's head, he says--Hands off! this fish, my masters, is a Fast-Fish.

He groaned and rolled over.

She rolled her eyes at him and returned to the cauldron of soup on the stove.

Gasping for air, she rolled onto her back.

It has been conjectured that when the hill shook these stones rolled down its side and became the present shore.