Sentence Examples with the word robespierre

His hostility to the insurrectional commune of Paris, which led him to propose transferring the government to Blois, and his attacks upon Robespierre and his friends rendered him very unpopular.

Then Robespierre turned against Desmoulins and took advantage of the popular indignation roused against the Hebertists to send them to death.

They had made many and influential friends in advance, and Madame Roland's salon soon became the rendezvous of Brissot, Petion, Robespierre and other leaders of the popular movement, above all of Buzot, whom she loved with platonic enthusiasm.

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On the outbreak of the revolution Freron, who was a schoolfellow of Robespierre and Camille Desmoulins, established the violent journal L'Orateur du people.

In this school, in which Robespierre was also a bursar and a distinguished student, Camille Desmoulins laid the solid foundation of his learning.

He was arrested, sentenced to death, and guillotined with Robespierre and his friends on the 10th Thermidor of the year II.

Excluded at the instance of Robespierre from the Jacobin Club, he was soon afterwards implicated in an accusation levelled against the Hebertists.

From the first he posed as an opponent of the Mountain, accused Robespierre of aiming at the dictatorship (25th of September 17 9 2), attacked Marat, and proposed to break up the commune of Paris.

In matters of finance Cambon was now supreme; but his independence, his hatred of dictatorship, his protests against the excesses of the Revolutionary Tribunal, won him Robespierre's renewed suspicion, and on the 8th Thermidor Robespierre accused him of being antirevolutionary and an aristocrat.

He was recalled by the Committee of Public Safety on the 8th of February 1794, took part in the attack on Robespierre on the 9th Thermidor, but was himself brought before the Revolutionary Tribunal on the 11th and guillotined on the 16th of November 1794.