Sentence Examples with the word robed

The robed man bowed and retreated to the door.

Rhyn growled at the robed man, who hurried away.

She wrenched away, only for the robed man to snatch her ankle and drag her down.

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The robed man strode away, and Katie and Lankha eased from the corner.

The robed man returned and spoke in the harsh tongue.

The robed man scrambled to his feet and darted for the door.

The robed man led her into the fortress and wound his way through bright intersections, down stairs, and into a more opulent part of the building.

Used my newfound power to steal a key from some robed freak.

She trailed the robed man through two doors and into a hot, dry night.

Hands darted from the cells to swipe at them, and she saw why the robed man kept to the center of the corridor.