Sentence Examples with the word roaming

Valleys and groves are under his protection, unless the epithets Napaeus and Hylates belong to a more primitive aspect of the god as supporting himself by the chase, and roaming the glades and forests in pursuit of prey.

The brief pain turned quickly into pleasure intense enough that she began panting, her hands roaming his body.

At such settlements the river is lined with gardens and plantations of palms. The greater part of the region, however, even along the river shores, is inhabited only by roaming Bedouin or halfsavage Madan Arabs (see Irak).

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It faded away in the great Church, and probably Celsus was describing Montanist circles (though Origen assumed that they were ordinary believers) when he wrote 3 of the many Christians of no repute who at the least provocation, whether within or without their temples, threw themselves about like inspired persons; while others did the same in cities or among armies in order to collect alms, roaming about cities or camps.

And then she ran into several of the cat-like creatures roaming the ship.

The death dealer yanked her back against him, his one hand roaming down her side.

He saw Jews, Saracens, heretics and apostates roaming through Spain unmolested; and in this lax toleration of religious differences he thought he saw the main obstacle to the political union of the Spains, which was the necessity of the hour.

Kiera liked her mind the way it was, liked roaming through the hallways and spending the mornings in training with the little boys out back.

People were anxiously roaming about the streets.

There was thus quite an army of impudent swaggering idlers roaming about the country and 1 The O'Neills who played such an important part in later Irish history do not take their name from Niall Noigiallach, though they are descended from him.