Sentence Examples with the word rn

P readily disappears after m, like after n (cam, c a rn p u in; tems, t e in p tf s).

Supposing all the wheels to be in outside gearing, then, as each elementary combination reverses the direction of rotation, and as the number of elementary combinations m 1 is one less than the number of axes rn it is evident that if m is odd the direction of rotation is preserved, and if even reversed.

Encroached upon by the court of Toulouse in 1443, kalcenand by the parlement of Grenoble rn 1453.

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The absolute excess of males rn the aggregate population has been progressively greater at every successive census since 1820, save that of 1870Which followed the Civil War, and closed a decade of lessened immigration.

A further argument, sometimes based upon and sometimes in turn used to support the foregoing, is that the text of rN B represents that of Hesychius; but this is extremely doubtful (see the section Textual Criticism below).

By the automatic curb sender the cable is put to one or the other pole of the battery and then to the reverse pole for definite proportionate times during u b c 0 'c' C p t e a n i m e r rn e ll i a.