Sentence Examples with the word riviere

And near the Joist meridian re-enters British territory, after receiving the waters of the Riviere des Lacs and other small streams. The Missouri river, the most important stream within the state, crosses the western boundary near the 48th parallel, and after pursuing a winding course in a general south-easterly direction, leaves the state near the centre of its southern boundary.

In the, 5th century, when it attained its greatest extent, it included, besides Armagnac, the neighbouring territories of Fezensac, Fezensaguet, Pardiac, Pays de Gaure, Riviere Basse, Eauzan and Lomagne, and stretched from the Garonne to the Adour.

He owed the signal successes of his reign partly to his skilful choice of advisers and administrators, to his chancellors Jean and Guillaume de Dormans and Pierre d'Orgemont, to Hugues Aubriot, provost of Paris, Bureau de la Riviere and others; partly to a singular coolness and subtlety in the exercise of a not over-scrupulous diplomacy, which made him a dangerous enemy.

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It is picturesquely situated on both banks of the Mur,, just where this river enters a broad and fertile valley, and the beauty of its position has given rise to the punning French description, La Ville des graces sur la riviere del' amour.

FRASERVILLE (formerly Riviere du Loup en Bas), a town and watering-place in Temiscouata county, Quebec, Canada, 107 m.

In the early days, those especially worthy of mention are Beltrami's; La Decouverte des sources des Mississippi et de la Riviere Sanglante (New Orleans, 1824) and the same author's A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and Bloody Rivers (2 vols., London, 1828); William H.

Three years later, with the help of his brother, Louis of Orleans, duke of Touraine, he threw off the tutelage of his uncles, whom he replaced by Bureau de la Riviere and others among his father's counsellors, nicknamed by the royal princes the marmousets because of their humble origin.

The biography of St Francis de Sales was written immediately after his death by the celebrated P. de La Riviere and Dom John de St Francois (Goulu), as well as by two other authors of less importance.

After Fouquet's death (1680) Dauger and Fouquet's other (old-standing) valet La Riviere are put together, by Louvois's special orders, in one lower dungeon; Louvois evidently fears their knowledge of things heard from Fouquet, and he orders Lauzun (who had recently been allowed to converse freely with Fouquet) to be told that they are released.