Sentence Examples with the word ripping

He wanted the dealer scared but not dead, and right now, he didn't think he'd be able to handle a traitor without ripping off his head.

She squeezed her eyes closed, bracing herself for the fire of a knife ripping into her skin.

Tammy and Sarah were in the kitchen when she returned, and Tammy was standing in a chair ripping the cover off some chocolate chip cookies.

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He took each side of her collar and pulled, the effortless movement ripping the black uniform down the middle.

She gasped, pain ripping through her as a kick landed in her stomach.

These strange plants usually grow in rocky places with little or no earth to support them; and it is said that in times of drought the cattle resort to them to allay their thirst, first ripping them up with their horns and tearing off the outer skin, and then devouring the moist succulent parts.

Jackson began ripping down the sheets and knocking over the partitions as he yelled for Elisabeth.

If you had given me a second before ripping me a new one, I would have explained that I do not want her 'to do my bidding' as you so eloquently put it.

There was a small scream, then the crack of bone and ripping of flesh.

It was only moments later when his fears were realized by the gnashing, booming, ripping sound of metal on rock, echoing across the valley like a clap of thunder, repeating and repeating, as if car after car had met a similar fate, further and further away.