Sentence Examples with the word rigidly

The automatic sight consists of a bent lever roller cam m, also secured by the bolt e to the carrier; the lower end of the lever carries the cam roller n, which is constrained to move in the cam p by means of the spring in the spring-box g; the rear end of the horizontal arm of the lever is formed into jaws v; the same action of the clutch t which releases the worm and hand-wheel forces a catch on a vertical stem u into the jaws of the lever, and fixes the rocking and sight bars rigidly to it.

Though accused of extreme licentiousness in his relations with women, and though he lived for years in adultery with Dona Maria de Osorio, Philip was probably less immoral than most kings of his time, including his father, and was rigidly abstemious in eating and drinking.

The brushes are carried by sleeves which run loosely on the shaft, and to each sleeve is rigidly fixed a ratchet wheel.

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While actually owning the lordship of the Castilian crown since about the middle of the 14th century, these provinces rigidly insisted upon.

They are mainly monogamous, and by rigidly abstaining from foreign marriages have preserved racial purity.

This is an authorized history, in which everything unflattering to the Burmese monarchs was rigidly suppressed.

Military alliances do not rigidly control world politics, in part because military competition has been replaced by economic competition.

While adhering rigidly to his views on the divine institution of episcopacy as essential to the Christian Church, Dr Gore from the first cultivated friendly relations with the ministers of other denominations, and advocated co-operation with them in all matters when agreement was possible.

The plastids are not rigidly embedded in the cytoplasm, but are capable of a certain amount of movement therein.

In the Thies process, used in many districts in the United States, the vats are rotating barrels made, in the later forms, of iron lined with lead, and provided with a filter formed of a finely perforated leaden grating running from one end of the barrel to the other, and rigidly held in place by wooden frames.