Sentence Examples with the word right-hand

The community was thus of the greatest service to Cardinal Wiseman, whose right-hand man Manning thenceforward became.

He did not know whether he should take the right-hand fork or the left-hand.

In.; the governor is carried within the driving pulley shown at the right-hand end, while the working revolving cylinders are carried inside the boxed-in flywheel at the left-hand end, the relay cylinder and its attachments being fixed to the bed-plate in front of the flywheel.

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The series on the right-hand being convergent for all values of x and therefore defining an analytical function of x which is uniform and regular all over the plane.

A large nematocyst, with everted thread, is seen in the right-hand ectodermal cell.

When the machine had travelled about woo ft., the left-hand forward wheel became disengaged from the safety track, and shortly after this the right-hand wheel broke the upper track-3 in.

With the former Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the Special Assistant to the VP, not to mention the biofields, electromagnetic fields, and other beefed security measures, the compound at the top of the mountain was a fortress commanded by the President's own right-hand man.

So long as Mr. Lloyd George was Minister, Dr. Addison was his right-hand man in the strenuous labours of the office, resulting in the enormous multiplication of engines of war, and in the redeeming of many vital industries, fertilizers, tungsten and potash from German control; and when Mr. Lloyd George formed a Government himself in December 1916, he placed him at the head of the department.

If the coin is light the rod S fits into the uppermost step and the shoot stops over the right-hand slot.

After mounting are written - usually in the right-hand corner of the sheet, or on a label there affixed - the designation of each species, the date and place of gathering, and the name of the collector.