Sentence Examples with the word rig

I drove by earlier with my family and we thought we saw a friend's rig back in the corner.

At the same time their avoidance of exact definition embodied in a rig i d creed, together with their disuse of the outward ordinances of Baptism and the Supper, has laid them open to considerable misunderstanding.

Life was what Captain Ahab and I was thinking of; and how to save all hands--how to rig jury-masts--how to get into the nearest port; that was what I was thinking of.

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About 1866, when he had begun to teach and to gather disciples, he first saw the Christian scriptures, which he vehemently assailed, and the Rig Veda, which he correspondingly exalted, though in the conception which he ultimately formed of God the former was much more influential than the latter.

The mantras or sayings composing the Samhita of the Atharva Veda differ from those of the other Vedas by being in the form of spells rather than prayers or hymns, and seem to indicate a stage of religion lower than that of the Rig Veda.

The stock of the anchor rests on the cat-head when hung outside the ship. The name is also used of a type of a vessel, now obsolete, and formerly used in the coal and timber trade on the north-east coast of England; it had a deep waist and narrow stem; it is still applied to a small rig of sailing boats, with a single mast stepped far forward, with a fore and aft sail.

The heavy leather rig appeared designed to span both waist and upper thigh.

The life of the ancient Aryans, as portrayed in their sacred songs, the Rig Veda, was quasi-nomadic and in many ways democratic, but by the 6th century B.C. settled states had been formed in the Ganges valley.

Almost anybody could rig up an old boat like that.

VARUNA, in early Hindu mythology, the greatest, with Indra, of the gods of the Rig Veda.