Sentence Examples with the word rifled

The general manager was on maternity leave, and she rifled through several drawers before locating a bottle of painkillers.

The European graveyard has repeatedly been the scene of outrages perpetrated, it is believed, by natives from the mainland of Borneo, the graves being rifled and the hair of the head and other parts of the corpses being carried off to furnish ornaments to weapons and ingredients in the magic philtres of the natives.

A considerable part of the armament is old, but the more modern vessels are armed with Armstrong rifled guns.

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His general plan was to maintain as advanced a line as possible, to manoeuvre against the investing troops, and to support his own by the long range fire of his rifled guns.

In that year were excavated dome-tombs, most already rifled but retaining some of their furniture, at Arkina and Eleusis in Attica, at Dimini near Volo in Thessaly, at Kampos on the west of Mount Taygetus, and at Maskarata in Cephalonia.

She rifled gingerly through the boxes, afraid of uncovering a stash of tarantula cats.

Unfortunately, before these archives could be removed, the galleries containing them were rifled by the Arabs, and large numbers of the tablets were sold to antiquity dealers, by whom they have been scattered all over Europe and America.

Jenn set Talia back in her roughly hewn bassinet and rifled through the trunk containing the family's possessions.

Still disturbed by the nightmare, she rifled through Hannah.s vanity to see if her sister left her appointment book in a drawer.

With rifled guns deflection was also found necessary to allow for effect of wind, difference of level of trunnions, movement of target, and for the purpose of altering the point of impact laterally.