Sentence Examples with the word rider

A rider with good hands never depends upon his reins for retaining his seat; nor does he pull at the horse's mouth so as to make him afraid to go up to his bit; nor again does he ever use more force than is necessary for the accomplishment of what he desires to perform.

The first point was speedily decided in the affirmative, and, as to the second, it was ultimately decided that the king should be released from his path and the charter returned to him; but a rider was added suggesting that he should, at the same time, promulgate a Recess providing for his own and his people's welfare.

Therefore by graduating the top of the beam and shifting a rider grain weight till the beam is horizontal, it is easy to ascertain the small difference of weight in the scale-pans which caused the de - flection to the T foth or i.

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Having gained the saddle, the rider should adjust the stirrups to the proper length, depending on the kind of riding, the length of his leg and the roughness of the horse's trot.

More than likely the unidentified rider was only another drifter.

Too quickly, her rider barreled back and halted beside her.

The horse stumbled, and his rider was thrown heavily to the ground.

Another rider appeared on a black horse.

If the hounds jump at the brook, even though they fail to clear it, the rider may take it for granted that at that place the leap is within the capacity of any ordinary hunter in his stride; hence if, when going at three parts speed, a horse's feet come just right to take off, the mere momentum of his body would take him over a place 15 ft.

The other rider doffed her helmet, spilling waves of blond hair.