Sentence Examples with the word richards

The first Hawaiian minister of public instruction was the Rev. William Richards (1792-1847), who held office from 1843 to 1847, and was followed by Richard Armstrong (1805-1860), an American Presbyterian missionary, the father of General S.

But the ten years of Richards reign were much more fruitful in the growth of institutions which were destined to curb the power of the crown.

When the queen was dead, and some rumours of the kings intentions got abroad, the public indignation was so great that Henry of Richards councillors had to warn him to disavow the Richmond projected marriage, if he wished to retain a single lands at adherenf.

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The battered crown which had fallen from Richards helmet was set on the victors head by Lord Stanley, the chief of the Yorkist peers who had joined his standard, and his army hailed him by the new title of Henry VII.

Farther south the Umhlatuzi empties into a lagoon which communicates with the ocean by Richards Bay.

Playing the part of the demagogue, and exaggerating all his nephews petulant acts and sayings, he declared the constitution in danger, and took arms at the head of a party of peers, the earls of Warwick, Arundel and Nottingham, and Henry, earl of Derby, the son of John of The Gaunt, who called themselves the lords appellant, lords because they were ready to appeal Richards appel- councillors of treason.

It was led by Lord Lovel, Richards chamberlain and admiral; but the insurgents dispersed when Henry marched against them with a large force (1486), and Lovel took refuge in Flanders with Margaret of York, the widow of Charles the Bold of Burgundy, whose dower towns were the refuge of all English exiles, and whose coffers were always open to subsidize plots against her nieces husband.

A recent atomic weight determination by Richards and Baxter (Zeit.

Stahler, who obtained the value 39.114 from analyses of the chloride, and by Richards and E.

The chief summits are Mounts Ross (6120 ft.), Richards (4000), Crozier (3251), Wyville Thomson (3160), Hooker (2600), Moseley (2400).