Sentence Examples with the word ribbon

He came at a gallop, wearing a small hat, a blue uniform open over a white vest, and the St. Andrew ribbon over his shoulder.

His fingers stopped their futile attempt on the ribbon and the dark eyes lost some of their softness.

The alimentary canal commences with the usual buccal mass; the lips are cartilaginous, but not armed with horny jaws, though these are common in other Opisthobranchs; the lingual ribbon is multidenticulate, and a pair of salivary glands pour in their secretion.

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The Order of Pius was founded in 1847 by Pius IX.; there are now three classes; the badge is an eight-pointed blue star with golden flames between the rays, a white centre bears the founder's name; the ribbon is blue with two red stripes at each border.

The little girl was a beauty: her blond curls were pinned with a bright red ribbon and her white dress had a red sash about the waist.

And she spread out her arms to show her short-waisted, lace-trimmed, dainty gray dress, girdled with a broad ribbon just below the breast.

It is glorious to behold this ribbon of water sparkling in the sun, the bare face of the pond full of glee and youth, as if it spoke the joy of the fishes within it, and of the sands on its shore--a silvery sheen as from the scales of a leuciscus, as it were all one active fish.

The badge is the plain Savoy cross in blue, with silver medallion, the ribbon is blue with white borders.

The narrow state highway stretched like a black ribbon through the forested hills.

The ribbon is one blue between two crimson stripes.