Sentence Examples with the word rhyme

Imperfect in his rhyme and rhythm, his poetry is of a didactical nature, and his best - poems are rhymed fables, many of which are thinly disguised political satires.

They were in a hurry enough to start us, and now here we stand in the middle of a field without rhyme or reason.

These were without rhyme or rhythm, but had alliteration and a parallelism resembling Hebrew poetry.

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Meanwhile he had written creditable student verse, and contributed both prose and rhyme to newspapers, thus gaining friends and obtaining a decided if provincial reputation.

He made a rhyme out of the process, though he'd forgotten it again this morning.

For instance, he employs rhyme in dealing with the most prosaic subjects, and thus produces the disagreeable effect of incongruity between style and matter.

On this point Catalan is more hesitating than Provenal; it does not distinguish so clearly the pronunciation of e according to its origin; while e (1) is capable of yielding an open e, the is often pronounced close, and the poets have no difficulty in making words in e close and in e open rhyme together, which is not the case in.

Dr Neree Beauchemin Keeps Within Somewhat Narrow Limits In Les Floraisons Matutinales (1897); But Within Them He Shows True Poetic Genius, A Fine Sense Of Rhythm, Rhyme And Verbal Melody, A Curiosa Felicitas Of Epithet And Phrase, And So Sure An Eye For Local Colour That A Stranger Could Choose No Better Guide To The Imaginative Life Of Canada.

The Moslems themselves have observed that the tyranny of the rhyme often makes itself apparent in derangement of the order of words, and in the choice of verbal forms which would not otherwise have been employed; e.g.

But rhyme was not attempted, and the syllabic metre of Japan was preserved, the alternation of 5 and 7 being, however, dispensed with.