Sentence Examples with the word rheumatic

In acute gonorrhoeal arthritis, simulating rheumatic fever, salicylates are useless.

In rheumatic hyperpyrexia, where the poison has attacked the central nervous system, salicylates almost always fail.

Soon after the expedition started he was prostrated by rheumatic gout, and the actual command devolved upon General Richard Montgomery.

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The drug is not a true specific, as quinine is for malaria, since it rarely, if ever, prevents the cardiac damage usually done by rheumatic fever; but it entirely removes the agonizing pain, shortly after its administration, and, an hour or two later, brings down the temperature to normal.

His unremitting work, it is said, especially at night, exposing him to cold and draughts, induced a rheumatic attack which brought about his death.

The town has a spa, whose waters are efficacious in rheumatic affections and diseases of the skin.

The Ivanhoe baths, erected in 1826, are frequented for their saline waters, which, as containing bromine, are found useful in scrofulous and rheumatic complaints.

Late in 1888 he had a dangerous attack of rheumatic gout, from which it seemed in December that he could scarcely hope to rally, but his magnificent constitution pulled him through.

The next six years he passed at the castle of Vico Nuovo, in Piedmont, as a guest of the family of La Rovere, at first dividing his time between military expeditions in the summer, and study, chiefly of medicine and natural history, in the winter, until a severe attack of rheumatic gout brought his military career to a close.

At one time she would come on board with a jar of pickles for the steward's pantry; another time with a bunch of quills for the chief mate's desk, where he kept his log; a third time with a roll of flannel for the small of some one's rheumatic back.