Sentence Examples with the word revue

In the evenings he wrote for the Revue des deux mondes and the Debats the exquisite essays which appeared in 1857 and 1859 under the titles Etudes d'histoire religieuse and Essais de morale et de critique.

Et Belles-Lettres, 1892, p. 318; other mosaics, ibid., 1896, p. 578; Revue archeol., 1897).

The short-lived Revue francaise (1828-1830), founded by Guizot, Remusat, De Broglie, and the doctrinaires, was an attempt in this direction.

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Others of interest are: Antee, revue mensuelle de litterature (1904); L'Art et la vie (1892); Cosmopolis (1896); L'Ermitage (1890); Le Mercure de France, serie moderne (1890), a magazine greatly valued in literary circles; La Revue de Paris, fortnightly (1894), and the Nouvelle Revue (1879) a compositor, and by translating from the English earned sufficient to purchase the moribund Revue des deux mondes, which acquired its subsequent position in spite of the tyrannical editorial behaviour of the proprietor.

Other works of Cournot's were Traite elementaire de la theorie des fonctions et du calcul infinitesimal (1841); Exposition de la theorie des chances et des probabilLites (1843); De l'origine et des limites de la correspondance entre l'algebre et la geometrie (1847); Traite de l'enchainement des idees fondamentales dans les sciences et dans l'histoire (1861); and Revue somma.ire des doctrines economiques (1877).

In the ruins there have been found numerous columns of Punic inscriptions, Roman inscriptions and mosaic, among which is one representing Virgil seated, holding the Aeneid in his hand; another represents the Cretan labyrinth with Theseus and the Minotaur (Heron de Villefosse, Revue de l'Afrique francaise, v., December 1887, pp. 384 and 394; Comptes rendus de l'Acad.

Les Arts (1902); Gazette des beaux-arts (1859), monthly, with Chronique des arts; Revue de fart ancien et moderne (1897) monthly; L'Art decoratif, monthly, Art et decoration, monthly; L'Art pour tous, monthly; La Decoration, monthly; L'Architecture- journal of the Soc. centrale des Architectes francais, weekly; L'Art (1875) is no longer published.

The Revue Zoologique for 1847 (pp. 360-369) contained the whole, and enabled naturalists to consider the merits of the author's project, which was to found a new classification of birds on the form of the anterior palatal bones, which he declared to be subjected more evidently than any other to certain fixed laws.

Meanwhile he had gained a high reputation as a preacher, and especially as the advocate of religious freedom; but his teaching became more and more offensive to the orthodox party, and on the appearance (1864) of his article on Renan's Vie de Jesus in the Nouvelle Revue de theologie he was forbidden by the Paris consistory to continue his ministerial functions.

Et du moine Rabban Cauma (from the Syriac) in Revue de l'Orient latin, 18 93, pp. 566-610; 1894, PP. 731 43, 2 35-3 00; O.