Sentence Examples with the word revista

Of later date have been the Revista iberica (1861-1863), conducted by Sanz del Rio; La America (1857-1870), specially devoted to American subjects and edited by the brothers Asquerino; Revista de Cataluna, published at Barcelona; Revista de Espana; Revista contempordnea; Espana moderna (1889), and Revista critica (1895).

Current periodicals include: 0 Archeologo portugues (1895); Jornal de sciencias mathematicas et astronomicas (1877); Revista lusitana, Archivo de estudos philologicos e ethnologicos relativos a Portugal (1887); Ta-ssiYangKuo, Archivos e annaes de extremo oriente portuguez (1899); Portugal artistico, fortnightly; Revista militar; Arte musical, fortnightly; Boletim do agricultor, monthly; Archivo historico portuguez, monthly.

Subsequently to the extinction of El Censor (1820-1823) there was nothing of any value until the Cartas espanolas (1832), since known as the Revista espanola (1832-1836) and as the Revista de Madrid (1838).

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Portugal Portugal could long boast of only one review, the Jornal enciclopedico (1779-1806), which had many interruptions; then came the Jornal de Coimbra (1812-1820); the Panorama (1836-1857), founded by Herculano; the Revista universal lisbonense (1841-1853), established by Castilho; the Instituto (1853) of Coimbra; the Archivo pittoresco (1857) of Lisbon; and the Jornal do sociedade dos amigos das letteras.

Mitjans, Estudio sobre el movimiento cientifico y literario de Cuba (Havana, 1890); biographies of Varela and Luz Caballero by Rodriguez (see below); files of La Revista de Cuba (16 vols., Havana, 1877-1884) and La Revista Cubana (21 vols., Havana, 1885-1895).

The Revista catalana (Catalan Review), published at Barcelona from 1889, contains many valuable papers on local affairs.

Current special periodicals are: Euskal-erria, revista bascongada (1880, San Sebastian); Monumenta historica societatis Jesu (1894); El Progreso matematico, afterwards Revista de matematicas Auras y aplicadas (1891); Revista de bibliografia Catalano (Catalunya, Baleares, Rosselo, Valencia, 1901); La Naturaleza, fortnightly; La Energia electrica, fortnightly; Revista minera, weekly; Revista de medicina, weekly; Bibliografia espanola, fortnightly; La Lectura; Espana y America, monthly.