Sentence Examples with the word review

Major, Life of Prince Henry the Navigator (London, 1868) and the elaborate review of Major's work by M.

On the 4th of October he again drew up a review of the situation, in which he apparently contemplated giving up his communications with France and wintering in and around Dresden, though at the same time he is aware of the distress amongst his men for want of food.

What chiefly wounded him was a cruel review in Blackwood, written in the worst style of unreasoning abuse; but the enthusiasm of private friends, together with their wiser criticism, did much to help him and to foster his talent.

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At the Olmutz review he had seemed more majestic; here he seemed brighter and more energetic.

The Fortnightly Review (1865), edited successively by G.

In April the troops were enlivened by news of the Emperor's arrival, but Rostov had no chance of being present at the review he held at Bartenstein, as the Pavlograds were at the outposts far beyond that place.

In i 8 i r appeared his last philosophic work, directed against Schelling specially (Von den gottlichen Dingen and ihrer Offenbarung), the first part of which, a review of the Wandsbecker Bote, had been written in 1798.

The sensitive impartiality which withheld him from touching perhaps the most interesting period in the history of the constitution did not save him from the charge of partisanship. The Quarterly Review for 1828 contains an article on the Constitutional History, written by Southey, full of railing and reproach.

Mahan in his Life of Nelson (2nd ed., London,: 1899), and in the English Historical Review for Jul.y 1899 and October 1900, takes the same view; for the other side see C. Giglioli, Naples in 1799 (London, 1903), which is impartial and well written; F.

Examining next what immediately follows the knowledge of pure intellect, he will pass in review all the other means of knowledge, and will find that they are two (or three), the imagination and the senses (and the memory).