Sentence Examples with the word revere

The midnight ride of Paul Revere happened a long time ago when this country was ruled by the king of England.

He was eight years old when he heard about the ride of Paul Revere and the famous fight at Lexington.

When night came, Paul Revere was at the riverside with his horse.

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It embraces over 10,000 acres, including the Blue Hill reservation (about 5000 acres), the highest land in eastern Massachusetts, a beautiful reservation of forest, crag and pond known as Middlesex Fells, two large beach bath reservations on the harbour at Revere and Hull (Nantasket), and the boating section of the Charles river.

The commonalty revere him and kiss his hand; the rich show him at least outward respect; and even the government treats him as a person to whom consideration is due for his influence with the masses.

The beach reservations of the metropolitan park system at Revere and Nantasket, and several smaller city beaches are a special feature of this service.

Christ church (1723) is the oldest church of the city; in its tower the signal lanterns were displayed for Paul Revere on the night of the 18th of April 1775.

PAUL REVERE (1735-1818), American engraver and patriot, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on the 1st of January 1735.

Although the British had tried to keep this movement a secret, Dr Joseph Warren discovered their plans and sent out Paul Revere and William Dawes to give warning of their approach.

So, through the night, Paul Revere rode toward Concord.