Sentence Examples with the word reverberate

The first shots had not yet ceased to reverberate before others rang out and yet more were heard mingling with and overtaking one another.

Some sections of the latter, especially those on the connexion between music and architecture, the scale of harmonic proportions, and the Greek use of bronze vases to reverberate and strengthen the actors' voices in the theatre, are now almost wholly unintelligible.

He cou'd imagine admirable situations, and he could write verses of incomparable grandeur - verses that reverberate again and again in the memory, but he could not, with the patient docility of Racine, labour at proportioning the action of a tragedy strictly, at maintaining a uniform rate of interest in the course of the plot and of excellence in the fashion of the verse.

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Was the end of the political danger, though Boulangist echoes continued for a little while to reverberate at the polls during 1889 and 1890.

The Messianic prophecies of Isaiah, the prophet of faith and deliverance, were destined to reverberate through all subsequent centuries.