Sentence Examples with the word revelation

A counterattempt over against Joachim to interpret Revelation in the light of history was made by Nicolas of Lyra (1329, in his Postilla), following (?) therein the lead of Petrus Aureolus (1317).

As a preparation for this salvation supernatural revelation was required for the purifying and revivification of the religious consciousness, and the Saviour Himself had to appear in human history as a fresh miraculous creation, born of a woman but not begotten by a man.

Thus in the plays of Rucellai, Trissino, Sperone and other tragic poets the nobler elements of humanism, considered as a revelation of the world and man, obtained no free development.

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Paul discriminates between the Spirit which during these paroxysms both talks and prays to God and the nous or understanding which informs a believer's psalm, teaching, revelation or prophesy, and renders them intelligible, edifying and profitable to the assembly.

Its opening section, recalling to its hearers the passing of the mists of idolatry before the revelation in Jesus Christ, is markedly similar in tone and tenor to passages in the Epistle to Diognetus.

In New Hampshire, our sessions bordered on simple curiosity; we'd described it as a parlor game, but with each new revelation another level of gravity descended over us like a snow-melt fog.

The soothsayer differs from the priest of an oracle by giving his revelation under excitement and often in a frenzy allied to madness.

She wrote The Story of My Life (1902), and volumes on Optimism (1903), and The World I Live in (1908), which both in literary style and in outlook on life are a striking revelation of the results of modern methods of educating those who have been so handicapped by natural disabilities.

Of this newest revelation Christus David was the mouthpiece, supervening on Christus Jesus.

Herrmann reject natural theology outright in favour of revelation - a striking external parallel to early Socinianism.