Sentence Examples with the word revealing

At times he seemed on the verge of revealing it to Adrienne, only to draw back into himself and avoid her for days.

Several of the rooms on either side were open, revealing couples in various stages of undress, a room with junkies shooting up and potheads lighting up, and a room filled with what looked like people sleeping.

From this height the whale was now seen some mile or so ahead, at every roll of the sea revealing his high sparkling hump, and regularly jetting his silent spout into the air.

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Actually, the bra and panties were far less revealing than a bikini.

As an orthodox traditionalist Origen holds that Christianity is a practical and religious saving principle, that it has unfolded itself in an historical series of revealing facts, that the church has accurately embodied the substance of her faith in the regula fidei, and that simple faith is sufficient for the renewal and salvation of man.

Its colors rippled and changed before the flower bent and delicate wings spread apart, revealing a creature that was surely a fairy.

Lana sought the words to convey her urgency without revealing just how important it was.

Had gained secure possession of the throne, Arabella was received at court and treated with favour, and she showed her fidelity to James by revealing a communication made to her by the conspirators in the Main and Bye Plots, in which her name had been used without her sanction.

In the garden Jesus here Himself goes forth to meet His captors, and these fall back upon the ground, on His revealing Himself as Jesus of Nazareth.

Destiny giggled, revealing top and bottom teeth in matching pairs.