Sentence Examples with the word retrieve

While Dean was anxious to retrieve his Jeep without having to make a round trip from town and pay a service station bill to boot, the wisdom of challenging the mother of all storms was looking less prudent by the second.

Moreover, the site constituted a natural citadel, difficult to approach or to invest, and an almost impregnable refuge in the hour of defeat, within which broken forces might rally to retrieve disaster.

Before stooping to retrieve them, she handed three one hundred dollar notes to Cynthia.

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A desperate attack failed to retrieve the error, and Pria Fora remained in possession of the Austrians.

As their stories unfolded, she learned that the men had gone back with recruits to retrieve the supplies.

The black man, the passenger spotted in the stolen Buick, had been apprehended when he returned to the vehicle to retrieve his overnight satchel.

Died, and was succeeded by his brother Abd-ul-Hamid I., a weakling, from whose character nothing could be expected to retrieve the now desperate fortunes of the war.

They are easily taught to retrieve on land or water, and their strength, intelligence and fidelity make them specially suitable as watchdogs or guardians.

Brady pushed chunks of body parts blown out of the minefield and knelt to retrieve a thumb keypad.

After some delay, said to have been caused by the exigencies of his creditors, which were met by a loan of f 200,000 from Crassus, Caesar left Rome for his province of Further Spain, where he was able to retrieve his financial position, and to lay the foundations of a military reputation.