Sentence Examples with the word retrace

In 321 Constantine, seeing probably that he had been wrong in abandoning his usual policy of toleration, sought to retrace his steps by granting the Donatists liberty to act according to their consciences, and declaring that the points in dispute between them and the orthodox should be left to the judgment of God.

By trailing a thread behind them spiders are able to drop from any height to the ground and to retrace their steps with certainty to a particular spot.

In order to understand the utter inability of the old republican party to withstand these changes, it is needful to retrace our steps and consider the skilful use made by Bonaparte of plots and disturbances as they occurred.

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A mutiny among the German soldiers and a breach with Innocent concerning the overlordship of Apulia compelled the emperor to retrace his steps.

She reluctantly relinquished the kitten and watched him retrace his steps to the barn.

No more trying to retrace your steps to find your car keys; you can see where you left them by checking your GPS system records.

We must retrace our steps a little to enumerate several distinguished names which, from the nature of the case, hardly admit of classification.