Sentence Examples with the word retired

The British government obtained no satisfactory answer to its remonstrances, and Sir Robert Hart, finding himself placed in a subordinate position after his long service, retired in July 1907.

Walid therefore retired to the country, and passed his time there in hunting, cultivating poetry, music and the like, waiting with impatience for the death of Hisham and planning vengeance on all those whom he suspected of having opposed him.

He was disinherited by the treaty of Troyes in 1420, and at the time of his father's death in 1422 had retired to Mehun-sur-Yevre, near Bourges, which had been the nominal seat of government since 1418.

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He afterwards retired to Crete, where he lived the life of a hunter with Artemis; but having threatened to exterminate all living creatures on the island, he was killed by the bite of a scorpion sent by the earth-goddess (Ovid, Fasti, v.

Denisov, now a general on the retired list and much dissatisfied with the present state of affairs, had arrived during that fortnight.

He, however, failed to capture Naples in August and retired north, leaving garrisons along the frontiers of the Regno.

In 1730 he abdicated in favour of his son, Charles Emmanuel, retired to Chambery, and married the countess of San Sebastiano (afterwards Marchioness of Spigno).

He is said to have been parsimonious, and certainly he was quicker to receive than to reciprocate hospitalities; but his mean establishment and mode of life are explained by the retired habits of his wife, and her dislike of company.

He resumed the editorship of the Courrier in 1866; but after a few months retired from journalism, and for the next five years devoted all his energy to his profession.

An attempt of the Spanish party to make Balthasar de Cisneros president of the junta failed, and the ex-viceroy retired to Montevideo.