Sentence Examples with the word resurrection

It was in itself a foretaste of resurrection, and the puzzled disciples remembered that the scribes declared that before the resurrection Elijah would appear.

It was as if rescuing these long forgotten remains from oblivion would somehow prove such a resurrection from years of absolute dark and loneliness would make anything possible.

Of the supreme miracle of His resurrection there is earlier evidence' than of any of the others (1 Cor.

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All this resurrection is exhausting, I need a nap.

Apart from these more or less complete versions of separate books of the Bible, there existed also numerous renderings of the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, accounts of the Life, Passion and Resurrection of our Lord, translations of the ' H.

Athenagoras is also the author of a discourse on the resurrection of the body, which is not authenticated otherwise than by the titles on the various manuscripts.

Then will follow the general resurrection of the dead, the last judgment, and the creation of new heavens and a new earth.

This national feeling, claiming a leader against the Romans as well as deliverance from the Sadducee aristocracy, again sets the idea of the kingship rather than that of resurrection and individual retribution in the central place.

The atrium has a fresco by Bartolo di Fredi and the two ground-floor halls contain a Coronation of the Virgin by Sano di Pietro and a splendid Resurrection by Sodoma.

Along with this great doctrine there pass on into Christianity the slowly attained hope of resurrection and the dreadful doctrine of future punishment for the wicked.