Sentence Examples with the word restorer

Internal and external dangers alike, however, failed to daunt Leovigild, who may fairly be called the restorer of the Visigothic kingdom.

Antiochus of Ascalon, the professed restorer of the Old Academy, taught a medley of Stoic and Peripatetic dogmas, which he boldly asserted Zeno had first borrowed from his school.

These hopes were again quenched in blood; the political idea of the Messiah, the restorer of the Jewish state, still finds utterance in the daily prayer of every Jew (the Shemone Esre), and is enshrined in the system of Rabbinical theology; but its historical significance was buried in the ruins of Jerusalem.3 2 The Targumic passages that speak of the Messiah are registered by Buxtorf, Lex.

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The most praiseworthy side of his pontificate was his munificence as a founder or restorer of useful institutions, and a patron of letters and art.

Otto Brunfels, a physician of Bern, has been looked upon as the restorer of the science in Europe.

Rudolph has often been called the restorer of the German kingdom, but he has little real claim to this honorable title.

He was welcomed, not as a successful combatant in a civil war, but as the man who had vindicated the sovereignty of Rome against its assailants, as the saviour of the republic and of his fellow-citizens, above all as the restorer of peace.