Sentence Examples with the word restlessly

His black, agate pupils with saffron- yellow whites moved restlessly near the lower eyelids.

He entered the room, looking restlessly and angrily around, as if afraid of everything in that large apartment.

It is hard to be certain that any systematic grouping will anticipate all the suggestions that may occur to a restlessly and recklessly inquiring age.

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She wisely chose not to meet the challenging gaze of a restlessly shifting man among the king's company but focused on Taran's leg.

In the interval he was restlessly active in parliament in denouncing naval abuses, and was also, most disastrously for himself, led into speculations on the Stock Exchange, by which he was brought at the beginning of 1814 into pressing danger of total ruin.

Hunted hither and thither, he wandered on foot or cruised restlessly in open boats among the many barren isles of the Scottish shore,enduring the greatest hardships with marvellous courage and cheerfulness.

Cassie tapped her boot toe against the footrest and shifted restlessly in the seat while the men exchanged greetings.

Other panel portraits of the period are three small ones of members of the Tucher family at Weimar and Cassel, and the striking, restlessly elaborated half-length of Oswald Krell at Munich.

When she was not occupied, she wandered restlessly about the house, making strange though rarely unpleasant sounds.

She ignored the voice of the creature coiled restlessly within her.