Sentence Examples with the word rested

This imperialism was undoubtedly of a special nature; it rested on moral authority and political and financial power rather than on material and military strength.

When the Burgesses undertook in May 1769 to declare in vigorous resolutions that the right and power of taxation, direct and indirect, rested with the local assembly, the governor hastily dissolved them, but only to find the same men assembling in the Raleigh tavern in Williamsburg and issuing forth their resolutions in defiance of executive authority.

Even Davout, minister of war, advised him that the destinies of France rested solely with the chambers.

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She felt his arousal against her backside, while his other hand rested on the bare skin of her hip.

Immediately on the axle (6Ecov, axis), without springs of any kind, rested the basket or body (S14pos) of the chariot, which consisted of a floor to stand on, and a semicircular guard round the front about half the height of the driver.

The latter had formed up his army between Heppignies and St Amand in what was then considered an ideal position; a double barrier of marshy brooks was in front, each flank rested on a village, and the space between, open upland, fitted his army exactly.

It was the site of a Premonstratensian abbey built by Fergus, and it was here that Queen Mary rested in her flight from the field of Langside (May 13, 1568).

Sensing her anxiety, Darkyn rested a hand on her hip.

Between twelve and two o'clock, as the day was mapped out, the prince rested and the princess played the clavichord.

She dropped the hands acting as a barrier between them, wanting to feel the comfort he offered, and rested her hands against his chest.