Sentence Examples with the word rest on

The side girders rest on the cantilevers on 15-in.

The red, or brownish-red, colour of the long and coarse hair at once distinguishes the orang-utan from the African apes; a further point of distinction being the excessive length of the arms, which are of such proportions that the animal when in the upright posture (which it seldom voluntarily assumes) can rest on its bent knuckles.

His gaze swept around the room methodically, coming to rest on her.

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These attempts to reject environmental variation rest on several grounds.

As a creator of aught but romantic incident, indeed, Cooper's claims to renown must rest on the fine figure of the Leatherstocking, and, in a less degree, on that of his friend and companion, the Big Serpent.

For though both works rest on the reality of individual substances, the Categories (chap. 5) admits that universal species and genera can be called substances, whereas the Metaphysics (Z 13) denies that a universal can be a substance at all.

It can hardly be doubted that the function of these avicularia is the protection of the tentacles and compensation-sac. The suggestion that they are concerned in feeding does not rest on any definite evidence, and is probably erroneous.

The priests are to possess neither wealth nor material power; they are not to command, but to counsel; their authorityisto rest on persuasion, not on force.

It consists of a series of plateaus formed of sedimentary rocks which mainly belong to three formations of widely separated ages, and which rest on a platform of granitic and metamorphic rocks.

Unable to rest on historic precedent like England, the Constituent Assembly took as the basis for its labors the tradition of the thinkers.