Sentence Examples with the word responsible for

Buddhism is at its best at Siam, and this and the enervating climate are responsible for the comparatively small direct success of Christian propaganda in Siam proper.

It has generally been forgotten that the utter want of march discipline in the French, and not the climatic conditions, was responsible for the appalling disasters which ensued.

The whites who were responsible for the conduct of the blacks were warned or driven away by social and business ostracism or by violence.

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Salaries and similar expenses incurred by the board are charged on a district fund to which the several parishes contribute; but each parish remains separately responsible for the expenses of maintaining its own highways.

She felt responsible for the fact that Brandon didn't have that last day with his father.

His enterprises were unsuccessful; in 1761 he became insolvent, and the Society refused to be responsible for his debts.

If the Austrian alliance was chiefly responsible for his rejection of that statesmanlike plan, which he had before him at Smolensk, it certainly deserves all the hard things said of it by the champions of Josephine.

The free-banking law which permitted the issue of notes by provincial banks was primarily responsible for this situation.

Even before 1387 there was also the petit conseil or conseil ordinaire or conseil etroit, a body not recognized by the law, though it became very powerful; it was composed of the 4 syndics, with several other counsellors, and acted originally as the adviser of the syndics who were legally responsible for the rule of the city.

Under these circumstances a constitution of a more severe type was recommended by those responsible for the government of Malta and was about to be adopted, as the only alternative to a deadlock, by the imperial authorities.