Sentence Examples with the word responsibility

He pushed the door further but hesitated entering, as if remaining outside would absolve him of responsibility from what lay beyond.

On the other hand, maybe he was hiding from something besides the responsibility of the ranch.

The nearest approach to a reconciliation of the two statements would appear to be that while, at his advanced age, he did not wish to assume the responsibility of being head of a new denomination, formed in circumstances of exceptional difficulty, he was unwilling to condemn those who were ready to hazard the new departure.

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According to the Kachin Hill Tribes Regulation of 1895, administrative responsibility is accepted by the British government on the left bank of the Irrawaddy for the country south of the Nmaikha, and on the right bank for the country south of a line drawn from the confluence of the Malikha and Nmaikha through the northern limit of the Laban district and including the jade mines.

Dr. Worthington took responsibility for the clinic and Carmen found the accountant's number in the desk drawer.

By his associates Endecott was entrusted with the responsibility of leading the first colonists to the region, and with some sixty persons proceeded to Naumkeag (later Salem) where Roger Conant, a seceder from the colony at Plymouth, had begun a settlement two years earlier.

Though deeply mortified at the loss of the command, Wellesley in his devotion to duty moved the troops on his own responsibility from Trincomalee to Bombay, from the conviction that, if they were to be of any use in Egypt, it was absolutely necessary that they should provision at Bombay without delay.

The chief responsibility for this rests with the worldly College of Cardinals, who were longing to return to France, and thence drew their inspiration.

The king must take the responsibility for their unjust doings; it was his coffers which mainly profited by their chicane.

Because it will figure prominently in the rest of this section, let's take a deeper look at structural famine, whose responsibility it has been to care for the hungry and how that has shifted throughout history.