Sentence Examples with the word response

Like these, also, they respire oxygen, and are independent of light; and their various powers of growth, secretion, and general metabolism, irritability, and response to external factors show similar specific variations in both cases.

Evidently it wasn't at all the response he expected and his planned route was foiled.

She completed peeling another potato and rinsed it before Claudette finally gave up on a response with an audible sigh.

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Darian's response was instant, his passion and need matching her own.

At last a quinqueradiate symmetry influenced the plates of the theca, partly through the development of a plate at the end of each groove (terminal), partly through plates at the aboral pole of the theca (basals and infrabasals) arising in response to mechanical pressure, but soon intimately connected with the cords of an aboral nervous system.

The wound opened again and the salt he threw into it drew a sharp response from her.

His eyes flickered to her, his response clear on his face.

Since the accession of Tewfik, the tyranny of the Turkish system was apt to be forgotten, while the appeal to rally in support of their khalif found a response in the hearts of many Egyptians.

It was irritating most of the time, like now when he wanted to get a quick response out of one.

This letter was written in response to a tentative offer from the editor of The Great Round World to have the magazine published in raised type for the blind, if enough were willing to subscribe.