Sentence Examples with the word resource

The principal mineral resource of Vermont is its building and monumental stone, including marble and granite and a small amount of limestone.

In his many battles he was always victorious, his strategy eminently successful, his organizing and administrative power exceptionally great, his practical resource unlimited, his soldiers most courageous; but he never had an army fully complete in its departments and warlike equipment.

Hence though often fertile in resource and ingenious in plan, he was always a brilliant amateur; and, though sometimes unlucky, he was never really the equal of such generals as Conde or Luxembourg.

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For the siege of Burgos heavy guns were available in store on the coast; but he neither had, nor could procure, the transport to bring them up. By resource and dogged determination Wellington rose superior to almost every difficulty, but he could not overcome all; and the main teaching of the Peninsular War turns upon the value of an army that is completely organized in its various branches before hostilities break out.

As I've said earlier, the most underutilized resource in the universe is human potential.

As a last resource More tried the expedient of silence, dissembling his wit and affecting to be dull.

Above the level of the sea; but cattle-breeding is the principal resource of the mountaineers, whose little communities are often separated from one another by passes, few of which are lower than 10,000 ft.

No one ever excelled him in daring and resource as a naval officer, but he suffered from serious defects of character, and even those who think him guiltless of the charge on which he was convicted in 1814 must feel that he had his own imprudence and want of self-command to thank for many of his misfortunes.

Lately, Fred had expanded his electronic rummage sale, advertising himself as a local resource for anyone seeking ancestral information in Ouray County.

The excise, which was a favourite resource of Whig financiers, he had designated as a hateful tax.