Sentence Examples with the word resolving

Soon after the introduction of the literary journal in England, one of a more familiar tone was started by the eccentric John Dunton in the Athenian Gazette, or Casuistical Mercury, resolving all the most Nice and Curious Questions (1689-1690 to 1695-1696), afterwards called The Athenian Mercury, a kind of forerunner of Notes and Queries, being a penny weekly sheet, with a quarterly critical supplement.

Even if a mixture of several oils and fats be present, the iodine value assists greatly in the identification of the components of the mixture, and furnishes the most important key for the attacking and resolving of this not very simple problem.

The Fraunhofer formula permits the determination of the most useful magnification of such an objective in order to utilize its full resolving power.

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The middle element alone contributes without deduction; the effect of every other must be found by introduction of a resolving factor, equal to cos 0, if 0 represent the difference of phase between this element and the resultant.

Merely to show the dependence of resolving power on aperture it is not necessary to use a telescope at all.

However this may be, it would always be possible, with the aid of a grating of given resolving power, to construct artificially from white light mixtures of slightly different wave-length whose resolution or otherwise would discriminate between powers inferior and superior to the given one.3 2 Compare also F.

The visibility of a star is a question of brightness simply, and has nothing to do with resolving power.

This blow probably decided his career; but he endured two years of misery and mental conflict before resolving to abandon his medical studies and become a monk.

She, resolving to apply the remedy for his grief, questions him for that purpose.

He carried metaphysical idealism to its height, by not only resolving the bodily into the mental, but also elevating the action of mind into absolute mental construction; not inferring things in themselves beyond, but originating things from within, mind itself.