Sentence Examples with the word resentment

The resentment of the Franciscans, the presence of these and other reactionaries and of Spaniards, the attitude of foreign residents, and the ambitions of leading Californian families united to foment and propagate discontent.

The opening of the October session of the Cortes was signalized by a furious attack by Seor Moret on Seores Maura and La Cierva, who were accused of having Fitliof sacrificed Ferrer to the resentment of their clerical Maura.

Nevertheless the harshness with which the emperor treated the Roman clergy and suppressed the monasteries caused deep resentment to the orthodox.

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The tragic murder of Naboth (see Jezebel), an act of royal encroachment, stirred up popular resentment just as the new cult aroused the opposition of certain of the prophets.

Any resentment she had at A'Ran melted further.

This produced irritation and resentment in Paris, and but for the influence which Cobden had acquired, and the perfect trust reposed in his sincerity, the negotiations would probably have been altogether wrecked.

This, and the resentment felt at the loss of their autonomy when they were incorporated with the rest of Spain in 1833, account for the strong support given by many Navarrese to the Carlist cause.

The historical review in the second part is coloured by a bitter hatred of the ancient Egyptians; whether this springs from resentment of the former sufferings of the Israelites or is meant as an allusion to the circumstances of the author's own time it is hardly possible to say.

Disclosures strengthened the Federalists, until these, mistaking the popular resentment against France for a reaction against democracy - an equivalence in their own minds - passed the alien and sedition laws.

But the amir, whose feelings of resentment had by no means abated, was now leaning toward Russia, though he mainly desired to hold the balance between two equally formidable rivals.